+ Recruitment and selection - Permanent

The process of recruitment and selection plays a key role in achieving the objectives adopted by organizations, that’s why we always seek a closer relationship with customers, to understand your businesses and your needs, to serve you with assertiveness. In our structure, we have rooms for individual interviews, group dynamics and training up to 80 people.

• Recruitment and job selection: Operational, Administrative, Management, Promotion and events, Temporary staffing, Outsourced work.

• Professional management: Psychological testing (personality tendencies, intelligence and skills), Situational tests, Group dynamics, Competency based interviews.

+ Temporary staffing - Law 6.019 / 74

To meet the extraordinary need for services (such as seasonal and unexpected arrangements) with permanent employees, like absence due to vacation, withdrawal because of illness, work accident, maternity leave, etc.

+ Outsourced workforce – Legally employed (registered in Brazilian Law)

We manage all areas of your business, so that productivity is optimized for the continuity of services without changing your routine, giving focus to your core business.

Each client has their organizational culture, goals and values, so we try to understand their needs, establishing long-lasting and effective partnerships with quality.

Our customers can rely on our expert team, consisting of psychologists, administrators, human resource analysts, business consultants and marketing professionals, a specialized legal team in the labor preventive area; in addition to a full organizational infrastructure. We provide reporting services with mobile technology.

+ Grow Project - training and workshops

To improve recruitment and selection, operational, promotional and administrative positions, we offer workshops to prepare candidates for the job market, developing the skills required for each role. We customize the training according to the needs of the position and the client.

+ Communication & marketing

Creation of visual identity, editorial, point of sale material, set design and materials for events and fairs, packaging, online media.

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